«Group of Companies Allur» JSC
Kaz Rus

On 12th of April,2017 year, there were some negotiations and was signed the Agreement for entering into capital by Chinese State company CMC and its intention to purchase 51% of simple shares of Kazakhstan auto manufacturer AllurGroup.

The Agreement was signed by President of CMC Wang Xusheng and a shareholder, Member of Director Board of AllurGroup Yury Tshay .

In negotiations and signing ceremony took part First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.Mamin, embassador of People's Republic of China in the Republic of Kazakhstan, First
Deputy Minister of Ministry of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan A.Aidarbaev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of «National Managing Holding «Baiterek» JSC A.Arifkhanov.
In the course of negotiations it was noted that AllurGroup company due to the presence of CKD production, welding, painting, localization and implemented technologies of high quality is an attractive place for foreign investors and has high development potential.

For Kazakhstan this partnership with Chinese state company together with solution to problems of financing will bring
real transfer of modern technologies, implementation of new production methods.
With support of Chinese partner Kostanay enterprise could remarkably deepen localization of production,
expand production equipment and use its full capacities, implement new technologies, improve technological processes, produce
modern vehicles with the usage of «SaryarkaAutoProm» capacities with minimal costs and maximum effectiveness.

«Entering of Chinese State Company СМС into capital of AllurGroup is of great importance not only for our enterprise, but for the entire national car industry. A new level of partnership confirms the fact that Kazakhstan automobile industry is an investment-attractive industry and demonstrates a high potential for stable development», - noted a shareholder, Member of Director Board of AllurGroup Y. Tshay.

The President of Chinese State company Wang Xusheng stated that for CMC company
it is a great honor to become a partner of leading auto manufacturing company of Kazakhstan.

«AllurGroup – is one of the few companies in automobile industry that is ready for changes
in technologies, is ready to make non-standard decisions for getting of qualitative result. We support the intention of the company to improve
the quality of manufactured products, implement advanced and high technologies, improve human capacity and management competence.
We are sure that mutual work will help to occupy new markets, provide consumers with worthy automobiles and bring auto industry of Kazakhstan to the new level of development
», - said Chief Executive of СМС.