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Alatau Invest Capital (owned by Kairat Satybaldyuly) and AllurGroup owning the production sites in Kostanay signed the memorandum on attracting of investments and strategic partnership

Alatau Invest Capital owned by Kairat Satybaldyuly and AllurGroup including two auto manufacturing sites in Kostanay - SaryarkaAvtoProm and AgromashHodling signed memorandum on attracting of investments and strategic partnership within the frameworks of development of National Kazakhstan automotive cluster.

The memorandum suggests the investments in different directions:

Into collaborating sphere of the company will be also included training and development of personnel for automotive production, transfer of new advanced technologies of automotive industry.

In the first stage of cooperation will be implemented two huge projects:

  1. CKD*-the project of JAC and Peugeot light vehicles

    Investments into the fixed capital: 5.942 million tenge **
20% (1.195 million tenge) will be invested by AIC (Alatau Invest Capital),

    80% (4.747 million tenge) - CMC*** (China National Machinery IMP.&EXP).
  2. CKD-the project of commercial vehicles and buses 

    Investments into the fixed capital: 5.123 million tenge.
50% (2.561 million tenge) - AIC (Alatau Invest Capital),

    50% (2.561 million tenge) - CMC (China National Machinery IMP.&EXP).

From the project are expected the perspectives of auto cluster development and other industries strategic for Kazakhstan, increase of Gross Regional Product, attracting of additional foreign investments, creation of new working places, and also stimulating of industry development in the region.

«The Management of our Fund has thoroughly studied in what industries money could be invested and decided on auto manufacturing sphere. It is really new technologies, from three manufacturing licenses granted in Kazakhstan. AllurGroup is a powerhouse in automotive industry.

Needless to say that in Russia were granted around 30 licenses ,there will be a big competitive activity. That’s why we will hope that we will be provided with support both form state authorities and private entities. Soon is coming the time when all Kazakhstani people will drive the vehicles produced by AllurGroup. To date the domestic share in light vehicles amounts to around 40%, in commercial models the level of 50% is achieved. We intend to increase the quantity of spare parts produced in Kazakhstan, and it means the increase of Kazakhstan content in the vehicles manufactured in our country», - said Kairat Satybaldyuly , Executive Partner of Alatau Invest Capital.

According to Andrey Lavrentiev, the Chairman of Director Board of AllurGroup:
«From 2018 year within the frameworks of industrial zone in Kostanay we plan to produce 40 thousand vehicles per year including for export. According to our estimations, the total volume of production output till 2022 year will account for more than 700 billion tenge, from which only export within 7 years will amount to around 418 billion tenge. For implementation of shaped plans the creation of more than 500 new qualified working places is needed, and the level of production local content will achieve 50%».

In addition to the signers having concluded partnership relations the event was visited by Akim of Kostanay region Arkhimed Mukhambetov. «One of the dynamically developing industries in our region is automotive industry. During implementation of Industrialization program in the region were realized 81 investment projects including 4 projects in automotive sphere. AllurGroup plants clearly demonstrate the stable development path, perform production adjustment, attract investments not only in the development of automotive industry, but also encourage the favorable development of the region on the whole »,- noted Akim.

The implementation of all above-mentioned projects aim at increase of competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the sphere of automotive industry not only in the countries of the Custom Unions, but also on the global stage.

* CKD – completely knocked down high-tech production
** At the exchange rate of 341,51 tenge per 1 US dollar as of 30.03.2016.
*** China National Machinery IMP.&EXP – Chinese investment company having signed in February of 2016 year the agreement with AllurGroup and Akimat of Kostanay region for development of Industrial zone in Kostanay.