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AllurAuto company offers new tool for popularization for domestic vehicles.

The auto market of Kazakhstan keeps on losing the positions. According to the results of official sales within 11 months of 2015 year the profit of auto retailers reduced by 43,3%. Taking into account the established economic factors the official dealers and distributors offer to Kazakhstani people participation in special programs and promotional actions.

The state program on concessional lending from Development Bank of Kazakhstan launched in April of 2015 year has become more effective. It has not only stimulated the demand for the domestic cars and protected the auto market from the more severe decrease, but also allowed the domestic vehicles to keep their positions in the market. The official dealers and distributors, in turn, in order to increase the consumer demand worked out and implemented different promotional actions and special offers.

During the last days of 2015 year one of the new products in the domestic market became a trade-in program from dealer centers of AllurAuto. It is unique for the local auto market due to its combination of governmental benefits under the program of auto lending and profitable offer from the company. The company’s consumers got the possibility to purchase 50 units of JAC cars under the program of concessional lending leaving their old vehicles as an initial payment.

After the approval of the request by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan AllurAuto buys a car, and the sum from the sales herewith is used as an initial deposit in the amount of 20%. According to the terms of the program AllurAuto buys the vehicles without age limits at the estimated cost no more than $7000. The difference between the price for a car and the initial payment of 20% is paid in the form of monthly payment to the bank on behalf of the buyer.

The program is applicable to only 50 units of JAC cars of the following models: J5, J6, S3 and S5. The minimal price for a car under the program is a little bit more than 2,7 million tenge, the maximum price is around 4,4 million tenge.