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Kazakhstani people prefer cheap automobiles

In February official dealers of new cars in Kazakhstan managed to increase their sales compared to January of 2015 year. The result of the last month was 9221 units compared to 7795 units in January.

However, the market of new cars in Kazakhstan in February shows a decline in comparison with the previous year by 17.68% (the result of February of 2014 year- 11202 units).

The results of sales of domestic cars for January-February of 2015 year showed a decline relative to the same period of the last year (1798 units in comparison with 4539 units in 2014 year). Import of new cars decreased by 8.54% (8359 units compared to 9140 units in February of 2014 year). The share of sales of Kazakhstan cars among manufacturing countries in the domestic market is 10.56% - 862 units compared to 2062 units in the last year. Quantitative decline by 58.2%.

In Russia February was marked by a record decline in sales, as a result of which auto manufacturers began to reduce the volume of output, the cost of cars has grown. Since the beginning of the year, 11906 units have been sold in the Kazakhstani market (compared to 12324 units last year), sales decline by 3.39%. The cars of Kazakhstan production went up to the second place (1798 units compared to 4539 units year-on-year). Sales of Japanese cars decreased by 54.12%. The fourth place is occupied by Uzbek cars, with a small increase in the equity proportion. Sales of cars from Belorussia, namely Geely, amounted to 130 units in February of this year compared to 111 units in January of 2015 year. Cars produced in Turkey slowed down the growth rate (219 units compared to 387 units of the last year). Cars of Korean production showed a record sales decline by 75.43% in per year terms.

In monetary terms for the period from the beginning of the year, the market showed a decline by 20.38% and amounted to 389.6 million US dollars (according to AKAB baseline cost estimate), in 2014 year this figure was 489.3 million US dollars. National manufacturers had a share of 46.16 million US dollars, which is 55.97% less than in 2014 year (last year sales amounted to 104.8 million US dollars). The share of importers accounted for slightly more than 343.42 million US dollars (384.46 million of the last year, a decline by 10.67%).

45% of the total number of cars sold since the beginning of the year refer to the price segment of $ 10 -15 thousand. In quantitative terms sales amounted to 7626 units compared to 6564 units of the last year. The second place is occupied by cars of the price range from 15-20 thousand US dollars. They are followed by cars with the price from 25-40 thousand US dollars, 1886 units of them were sold since the beginning of the year. The sales of cars from the price range of more than 100 thousand US dollars (529 units compared to 285 units) also have increased almost by two times. The sales of cars from the price range of 40-80 thousand US dollars have slightly changed, the quantitative decline is 1.68% (1231 units compared to 1252 units). The low-cost cars continue to lose their positions. These cars show a quantitative decline by 44.46% (1214 units compared to 2186 units). Cars with price starting from 20-25 thousand US dollars occupy 6.66% of the market share. A smaller share of the market went to the cars with the price starting from 80-100 thousand US dollars (0.35% compared to 0.44%).

The results of the presence of brands in the market from the beginning of the year are the followings: on the first place is Lada with sales results of 6251 units (quantitative decline by 4.54%) and market share of 36.74%. Over the past months 2111 Hyundai cars were sold, which allowed the brand to rise one line higher and take the 2nd place in this rating (a quantitative increase by 17.60%). The Toyota brand is now on the third place with sales of 1658 units (quantitative decline by 7.27%). Kia is on the 4th place in the ranting. Its result of 2 months of 2015 year is 1504 units. Since the beginning of the year 734 units of Renault cars have been sold (a drop in quantitative terms by 30.62%). This brand has secured the 5th place in the rating.

Andrey Lavrentiev, the President of Association of Kazakhstan auto business:

«Since the beginning of 2015 Kazakhstan automobile market has been in the "zone of turbulence". The results of car sales in the official market show abrupt jumps from month to month. The current growth of the official car market in February happened, first of all, due to the shares of auto dealers. The market share is held by official dealers and distributors due to a high price of fixed losses. We expect the continuation of ambiguous dynamics during the first half of the year. The settlement of the situation is forecasted after the stabilization of prices in rubles and the introduction of a number of state supporting measures».