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«SaryarkaAvtoProm» plans a grand-scale launch of «JAC» car range

Chinese investors visited Kostanay auto production in order to see themselves the production capacities of «SaryarkaAvtoProm» machine-building enterprise. With working visit of delegation of Chinese company.

ChinaNationalMachineryImport&ExportCorporation(«СМС») headed by the President of the company Wang Xusheng visited Kostanay. The subject of focus of the guests from the Celestial Empire became «SaryarkaAvtoProm» machine-building enterprise. The investors have already delivered the first trench in the amount of 15 million US dollars for installation of new conveyor line. Such step will allow Kostanay company to spread the production of «JAC» Chinese brand’s models.

- Into the first investment package were included welding stands for «JAC», «Peugeot» models and a new conveyor for the line of light vehicles, - informs the President of Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business Andrey Lavrentiev. – It is our first serious project with «СМС» company. For continuation of collaboration it is necessary for us to sign the main document and till the end of the next year we must perform the launch that is planned at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2016 year. .

Available vehicles. The company plans to assembly six models of light vehicles. The price of the most popular car – the offroader –will be around 3 million tenge. Due to this the Head of the region Arkhimed Mukhambetov asked whether there were the cars the price of which ranged between 1,5-2 million tenge, and he got the positive answer. In his opinion the cheaper vehicles would be more popular among the people. The local authorities in turn promised to make any effort for expansion of mutual production.

- We have state programs that support automotive industry, - noted Mukhambetov. –That’s why it is necessary to create a concept and present it at government level. We hope for the prosperous collaboration with you. «СМС» company is a leader of machine-building sphere. Nowadays there is a very good cooperation between our countries, the mutual projects are implemented. – Over the past 30 years Chines car industry has been developing exponentially, - said the President of «СМС» company Wang Xusheng. – We think that to select the Chinese car industry was your right decision. We have, firstly, experience. And secondly, we have the appropriate products. Through your partner–«JAC» company — we would develop the production of family-type vehicles here, in Kazakhstan. We have mutual interests and opportunities.

Its details

To date more than 300 vehicles have been produced. Arkhimed Mukhambetov noted the necessity of the trust of investors in Kostanay company and providing local content for individual production of several details. – We are ready to collaborate and add the neighboring cities, such as Lisakovsk and Rudnyi in order to perform the further assembly at the main plant, - says the Head of region. – Our company has a great experience and modern technologies. Also we all must work on the decrease of cost price of vehicles. According to the President of Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business Andrey from Chine to Kostanay eight specialists of the first and second categories would come and train the workers of the enterprise. Also around 23 specialists would be involved for installation of new production lines. – From February-March here will be entirely different conditions, - told the workers of «SaryarkaAvtoProm» LLP a shareholder of AllurAuto group of companies Yury Tshay. – We would work two, or even three shifts. Nowadays our managers work upon the conclusion of agreement for delivery of spare parts at a lower price. And as soon as the documents are signed we will start the work. Arkhimed Mukhambetov, in his turn, plans to visit China in order to sign several important agreements with huge production companies of the country, and in the future in the territory of Kostanay region implement five project in agricultural sphere.

The author: Marina Pervukhina
photos: Vasiliy Vasilievich