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The price for automobiles in the Republic of Kazakhstan decreased by 17%

According to the preliminary data of Association of Kazakhstan auto business the official sales of automobiles in Kazakhstani market amounted to 8369 units in March, in comparison with 9221 units in February. Thus, the market decline made up 9,2% in comparison with the last month and 34,7% in comparison with the same period of the previous year.

During the first quarter of 2015 year were sold 25385 cars, that is illustrative of market decline by 27,3% in comparison with the same period of 2014 year.

Among light vehicles the biggest sales growth in quantitative terms in comparison with February showed Renault models. The automobiles of Kazakhstan production of Chevrolet brand contributed to the sales growth. Also UAZ, Subaru, Nissan brands were among the first five leaders.

The average price for a light vehicle in March amounted to 18 958 US dollars compared to 22 979 US dollars for last year's figure, due to the discounts of auto centers. The decrease in average price for a car in per year terms made up 17% due to the promotion activities with discounts.

The share of the cars of Russian production increased in official sales of new cars. In March it was 75,4% compared to 55,8% of the same period of the last year. The decrease in sales of Lada cars produced in the Russian Federation compensates the sales growth in cars of Russian production of Renault, Toyota brands. Nevertheless, the decrease in a sales share of Russian cars is expected due to the reason that in Russia the sales of cars according to the current exchange rate have started, and the models of equal configuration in Russia and in Kazakhstan have almost the same price.

In the sales structure by countries of manufacturers it is shown that the share of Japan cars reduced from 6,37% year-on-year to 4,9%. Uzbek manufacturers also are losing their share in the sales market structure of new cars and have 2,4% in comparison with 3,2% that were indicated year-on-year. Belorussian manufacturers with Geely brand form the beginning of the year have occupied 1,5% of sales of new cars in the official market.

The cars of Kazakhstan production in March of the current year amounted to 10,7% of sales that is two times less than in 2014 year. Such sales figures of the previous month of the cars produced in Kazakhstan could be explained by expectation of the Program on concessional lending for domestic vehicles, the start of which is planned in the end of April. 2015 year. Indicatively, this program will allow to sell 6 000 vehicles.

Moreover, the main members of Kazakhstani automobile market have announced about their readiness to start the sales of domestic cars in the territory of the Russian Federation.

It bears reminding that in 2014 year, even taking into account the decrease in sales during the last three months the highest rates were shown for all the time of existing of official Kazakhstani automobile market. The year finished at the quantitative mark of 163 690 units of light and commercial vehicles. 2008 - 2009 years were the most unsuccessful for the automobile market of Kazakhstan, that time the decrease happened against the background of the world perturbations in the economy and amounted to 31% and 24% accordingly towards the last years.