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First launch of electric buses operation in Kazakhstan

Aktau has officially launched a regular route “International Airport-Aktau” to be served by 5 Ankai electric buses produced by car-maker Allur Group of Companies.

Advanced Ankai electric buses meet all the requirements to safety and quality. The front part of e-bus is equipped with speakers generating an engine noise imitation informing the pedestrians of the bus movement.

According to Yeraly Tugzhanov, the Akim of the Mangystau region, the launch of operation of KZ e-buses sets the “GREEN technology” trend.

E-buses are quite economical: fuel consumption is 4 times less in comparison to diesel buses, 3 times less than gas buses. Due to fuel savings the operation of e-buses will pay off within 3-4 years. Kostanay manufacturing plant provides for a 2-years warranty for buses ensuring their stable operation.

The company also has established the required infrastructure by installing 5 e-stations for fast bus recharging.

The main feature of e-buses is that their operation is based and powered completely by electricity, thus they are absolutely environmentally friendly and economical. One-charge capacity allows the bus to drive 160 km on average. There are also even more powerful battery versions capable of operating up to 320 km. It takes 2.5 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

There are 4 video cameras, an electronic autoinformer, as well as luggage racks in the cabin of e-bus. USB inputs are built into the backrests allowing passengers to charge mobile devices and other gadgets.

- Our company has got the first experience of creating innovative cars and expresses its willingness to produce environmentally friendly vehicles. Plant production facilities allow manufacturing up to 1500 buses annually: city, suburban, sightseeing, gas and electric buses. This batch of e-buses was manufactured to serve the delegates of the Summit of the Heads of Caspian Sea States. Further these e-buses will be transferred for operation on socially important routes of Aktau. If there is a massive demand for this transport, we are ready to start mass production, - said Mikhails Kvetnis, Business Development Director.

Starting price of Ankai e-bus is 60 million KZT. KZ-made buses are available for favorable purchase terms proposed by DBK-Leasing JSC at 7% per annum via the program aimed at renewal of bus fleet by purchasing buses of local production. The advance payment shall start 15%, the leasing period is up to 7 years, and moreover there is a grace period of up to 6 months in case of pre-order.

The production of Ankai buses has been launched at the facilities of Allur Group of Companies in 2017. Just a little while ago 70 units of Euro-5 gas buses were successfully added to the bus fleet of Aktobe.