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SaryarkaAvtoProm tested a garbage truck in Shymkent

The auto manufacturer started a series of tests of a new type of municipal equipment in the regional centers of Kazakhstan. The first city in this list was the city of republican status - Shymkent. The vehicle was demonstrated at the forum of "Green Growth / Gewr'2018" in Astana, where it aroused the heightened interest of utility companies. In connection with a large number of applications for test operation of a garbage truck from various regions of the country, SaryarkaAvtoProm launched a series of tests.

According to the results of the test operation of the vehicle for collection of solid municipal waste in Shymkent, at the enterprises of Orion LLP and Green Technology Industries LLP, 5 tons of solid municipal wastes were collected and compressed. A garbage truck with a hopper capacity of 8 cubic meters loads up to 45 containers with a capacity of 1.1 cubic meters, depending on the morphological composition of the waste, which significantly increases the efficiency of the company's investments.

All municipal equipment is produced on the chassis of Iveco and JAC vehicles of N series in Kostanay on the SaryarkaAutoProm production site (which is a part of "Allur "Group of companies" JSC). Among the advantages of the garbage truck of domestic production is the use of high-strength steel with a thickness of 6-8 mm of HARDOX brand, which significantly increases the service life and raises the reliability of the equipment used. The vehicle is able to compress all types of garbage: standard and large-sized solid waste, construction waste and even furniture. Due to its small dimensions, the garbage truck works efficiently in conditions of a limited space of restrained urban conditions of large cities.

The vehicles with such a construction have a high compaction ratio of up to 6 (for comparison: press mechanisms of machines with lateral loading have the ratio of 2- maximum 3). The second advantage of this type of equipment is that they can work with garbage cans of different volumes: from 0.75 to 1.1 and even 8 cubic meters. During processing, the container rises to a height of 1.5 m (versus 3 m while side loading), which makes the process safe. Due to the increased volume of the garbage receiver, a minimum amount of waste is spilt. The vehicle is equipped with a reliable control system; its lifting mechanism is made of strong steel with increased corrosion resistance. The above mentioned advantages of the model explain its popularity: 70% of all operated garbage trucks are the vehicles with rear power loading.

One of the equally important advantages that point it against the background of "fellows" in the utility machinery segment is the availability of the function of accumulating the filtrate in a special tank that occurs when collecting and pressing the waste. Due to this option, the formed liquids are accumulated in the designated areas and do not bring discomfort during the transportation of garbage to the disposal sites, nor do they cause inconveniences on public roads in the form of leaks and unpleasant odors.

The production of garbage trucks is carried out under individual orders depending on the task with which the client needs to cope. The cost of special equipment starts from 20 million tenge. The commercial equipment can be purchased under the concessional leasing program.